Taping is a type of treatment that may be used for a variety of different pains and problems. It can be used on both athletes, and non-athletes. Your physiotherapist may incorporate taping into your overall treatment plan.

There are a few different types of tape that may be used which can include:

  • Leukotape – a tough type of tape that doesn’t stretch very much and is more supportive (and may restrict your movement more)

  • Rock tape (also called “K-tape” or “KT Tape”) – a type of tape that stretches a lot and allows you to move normally

Tape is used in order to decrease pain and help you get back into your work, sport, or your life routine more easily. It does not “fix” the problem, which is why tape is used as an adjunct therapy (something that’s added on to the other strategies your physiotherapist will teach you to get better).

Tape acts like a big ‘hug’ for your body part that is applied to. Some find that they feel better performing their sport or being at work compared to when they don’t have tape on.

If you find taping is particularly helpful for your injury, you or a family member can be taught how to apply the tape at home.

There are many injuries that may benefit from taping, and some that may not. Ask your physiotherapist if you have any questions about the benefits and limitations of taping for your particular situation.

RockTape on right shoulder


BSc Kinesiology, University of Waterloo MSc PT, McMaster University


Born in Lahr, Germany

Mike treats people of all activity levels and ages from weekend warriors to elite athletes. He has mentored physiotherapists across Ontario as well as worked on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association. Recently, Mike represented physiotherapists within the Pan Am/Para Pan Am Games Medical Services Expert Provider Group. Mike has also had the opportunity to work side by side with orthopaedic surgeons, allowing him to work with many people following complex and traumatic injuries. Mike also consults over 1,000 physiotherapy cases nationally. This has given him a lot of insight into what Physiotherapy looks like across Canada.    

Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, Mike served in the reserves for 9 years as a member of the Artillery in the Canadian Armed Forces. He also enjoys coaching local athletes to help improve their performance through MeFit, a local not-for-profit organization.

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