Tyler Allen

  • BSc Kinesiology, University of Waterloo
  • MSc Physiotherapy (PT), McMaster University
  • Physiotherapist
  • Born in Brampton, Ontario

Tyler treats each client as an individual in order to meet collaborative treatment goals. He is committed to open communication and clear patient education to enable his clients to accomplish their rehabilitation goals. Tyler has experience working alongside orthopaedic surgeons and with a variety of populations from individuals in the intensive care unit to varsity athletes.​   Since obtaining his physiotherapy degree, Tyler has completed courses in manual therapy, acupuncture, cupping/instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, mobilizations with movement, soft tissue release, functional movement screening, and spinal manipulation. ​

Cats or dogs?     Dogs.

Something from your bucket list:     Watch Manchester United play at Old Trafford (Achieved Spring 2019!!)

Fanciest meal you’ve ever cooked?   KD and hot dogs, but I used our fine China

Do you have any kids?     One – Charlie. He’s perfect.

Last book you read?   No More Mr. Nice Guy

Most useless talent you have?     Spinning a pen around my thumb

What 3 things are you bringing with you, stranded on a desert island?     Soccer ball (hey Wilson!), my laptop, my pillow (I’ve had it since I was a kid and still use it)

Favourite midnight snack?     Peanut Butter Foldover

In your high school yearbook, you won/would have won…?     Most likely to marry their high school sweetheart. (Married 6 years and counting!)

What song would play every time you enter a room?     Futures – Jimmy Eat World

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

Brianna G
Brianna G
Google Review
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Tyler is wonderful!! My injury was assessed in great detail- explained as such too! He listens so well and is completely engaging. My excersizes were very reasonable to do, and i could do them anywhere, even at work, which was nice! I am so glad I chose to come here. There isnt a better physio place in the tri-cities!!
Alex Siuda
Alex Siuda
Google Review
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Where to start. Tyler is always putting patients first and doesn't just throw a ice pack on it and call it done. He is genuinely interested in getting to know his patients and making sure he has a full picture and all the facts before finding the right treatment plan for them. He is realistic in his timelines and makes sure the client has or learns the tools before moving forward to start treatment. He replies to emails after hours and tries to incorporate humor and positivity whenever possible. Keep it up Tyler. 👍 Chelsea makes booking a breeze and always greets ya with a smile and makes your day better!😁
Gulizar Zure
Gulizar Zure
Google Review
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Legitimate 5 star - brought my infant to Tyler - pinpointed R Torticollis - sent us home with exercises - went back for a check up only to be told to, "go home all is well" =)
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BSc Kinesiology, University of Waterloo MSc PT, McMaster University


Born in Lahr, Germany

Mike treats people of all activity levels and ages from weekend warriors to elite athletes. He has mentored physiotherapists across Ontario as well as worked on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association. Recently, Mike represented physiotherapists within the Pan Am/Para Pan Am Games Medical Services Expert Provider Group. Mike has also had the opportunity to work side by side with orthopaedic surgeons, allowing him to work with many people following complex and traumatic injuries. Mike also consults over 1,000 physiotherapy cases nationally. This has given him a lot of insight into what Physiotherapy looks like across Canada.    

Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, Mike served in the reserves for 9 years as a member of the Artillery in the Canadian Armed Forces. He also enjoys coaching local athletes to help improve their performance through MeFit, a local not-for-profit organization.

What Really Matters...

Cats or dogs?


Worst idea you've ever had?

Skiing behind a car.

Worst fad you've ever participated in?

Rat Tail

Do you have any kids?

A baby named Maverick.

Last book you read?

Together is Better: A little Book of Inspiration

Most useless talent you have?



What 3 things are you bringing with you, stranded on a desert island?

A multitool, My Wife, and our baby

Biggest Pet Peeve?

A multitool, My Wife, and our baby

In your high school yearbook, you won/would have won...?

Most likely to get stuff done

What song would play every time you enter a room?

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor


“It’s not the size of dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”