What should you not do during a massage?

What should you not do during a massage?

If you’ve never had a massage before, it can be hard to know what the proper etiquette is. What makes it even more challenging is that massage etiquette can also vary between different clinics or different massage types. Although it may be hard to get the exact etiquette right for attending different types of massage, there are a few things that would be good to avoid doing. Today, we’ll discuss some of the key do’s and don’ts of massage, so that you can have the best experience possible.

The first thing to consider for massage is what information your therapist may need from you. Depending on where you’re attending your massage appointment, your therapist may request some general health information from you. They’ll typically have you fill out an intake form that will ask questions about your current and past health, as well as personal and emergency contact information. In order to make your appointment go smoothly, it helps to either fill out this form out ahead of time, or arrive early to allow extra time to fill it out. There may also be other forms, such as a consent waiver that you’ll need to sign. Now that we’ve discussed the written information your therapist may need from you, it’s important to go over what verbal information they might need. Your massage therapist will likely ask you what you’re looking for with massage and what your expectations are for the appointment. It’s helpful to provide them with as much information as possible, so that they can provide you with the best possible treatment to suit you and your individual needs. 

Next, depending on what kind of massage you’re having and what body parts you’d like to be treated you’ll need to determine what amount of clothing to remove. For individuals who are not comfortable removing clothing, you can request a clothes-on massage. For individuals who plan on having a full body massage and are comfortable with removing clothing, the standard is to keep your undergarments on. It’s a good idea not to remove all of your clothing unless your therapist has requested you do so. Removing too much clothing can create an uncomfortable situation for both you and your massage therapist. Another important thing to avoid during a massage is making noises. Sometimes when massages feel very good, or very intense, we start to make noises unknowingly. It’s important to consider that this can often make your massage therapist feel uncomfortable. Try, as much as you can, to refrain from making any noises as your massage therapist is treating you, unless you’re trying to speak with them. Furthermore, the amount of talking you do with your massage therapist is entirely up to you! Some massage therapists will ask questions or try to make conversation, while others may not talk as much. They will often adjust how much they talk based on whether or not you seem like you want to talk. If you’d rather relax and not talk, you can always let them know, or if you want to keep chatting you can keep the conversation going. 

Massage therapy is always different depending on the interaction between you and your therapist. If you’re ever unsure about what to do or what not to do, you can always ask your massage therapist for clarification. They’ll always be happy to let you know how to make the experience as comfortable as possible for both you and them.

Is a massage worth the money?

With all of the different reviews for massage therapy, it can be hard to determine whether or not it’s worth the money. The key thing here is that it will be highly dependent on what you value and what kind of benefit you get from massage. For some individuals, massage helps them get through their day-to-day life. For others, it may be a nice treat they give themselves as a reward for hard work. Massage will be worth the money if you value it and you get some benefit from it. It’s also important to try multiple different types of massage to help you determine what benefits you the most.

For many people, the right kind of massage will be worth the money, as it is a form of self-care. Similar to going to the dentist, or checking in with your doctor, it’s a healthcare service that can provide numerous benefits. Unfortunately, not everyone will feel the benefit from massage, so it’s important to try it out for yourself to determine whether or not it’s worth the money for you.

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