Virtual Physiotherapy

While a large part of physiotherapy involves hands-on techniques that a therapist might perform with you or to you, improved health outcomes can also be achieved without this. Many research studies have shown that the most effective parts of physiotherapy are actually the education and exercise. Lucky for us, we can address both of these critical factors through a video chat!

Our Physiotherapy Expertise From the Comfort of Your Home

Virtual physiotherapy takes place from the comfort of your home on secure, private video calls with your physiotherapist. During these appointments you will show and discuss your injury with your therapist, as well as demonstrate how your mobility has been impacted.

For virtual physiotherapy, the majority of your treatment will consist of education and home exercises. While some individuals feel the need for hands-on treatment, it’s actually not essential for recovering from injury!

In fact, research currently indicates that education and exercise are the main drivers of injury healing and recovery.